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2 Poems : Mineral Lit, Lana Del Ray Special Issue

The Final Plague : Ghost City Press, April 2020 Issue

2 Poems : Mineral Lit, Hozier Special Issue

2 Poems : IceFloe Press, December 2019

Boy, down  : Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Issue 81

two gods kissing & a portrait of Sango’s anger  : Temz Review,  Issue Eight Summer 2019

first portrait of me as Adedayo : Honey and Lime Lit Issue Two

they called us dead : Glass Resist

A Brief Poem About Your Hunger : HeadWay Lit, 2019  

two weeks before my birthday : Tuesday Poem by Dami Ajayi

2 Poems : Hellebore, Issue 2

Old Dominion : Gaze Journal, Issue 2

Night Bus to Kaduna : Barren Magazine Issue 8: Rust in the Bloom

Exit and Other Poems : Burning House Press, December 2018

At River Wadi: Someday the Dead Will Speak About Their Hurting Knees : Constellate Magazine, 2018

Two Poems, Angel of Small Death and Asking A Man About Childhood : Rabid Oak, Issue 12

When God Walked : 8Poems, Issue 3

At the Edge of a Cliff  : Barren Magazine Issue 3: Birch Black, Bone White


When will you begin that long journey into yourself ? - Rumi

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